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Speed. Balance. Realism.


This is what we deliver. We create tabletop RPGs that maintain immersion and unleash the imagination. Game mechanics are straightforward. Dice rolls are quick. Factors are balanced. Outcomes are plausible.

We serve a specific breed of gamer. We serve those who think critically and demand attention to detail. We serve those who want to play in their favorite genres, whether sci-fi, cyberpunk, fantasy, or horror, using a system that respects their intelligence and makes it all seem believable.

Extensive research and analysis have been invested into creating a innovative system that delivers the satisfaction of thinking, "Yeah, this is how it would happen. If I ever took on an Orc with layered armor with my trusty .44 Magnum revolver in real life, this is exactly how it would happen." We strive to deliver plausibility to discerning minds.

It is our goal to deliver the highest quality gaming products to fuel endless hours of gaming enjoyment.


Halcyon 2.0

Work is underway on the Second Edition of the Halcyon RPG. 

All customers who purchased a PDF of the First Edition of Halcyon will be entitled to a DISCOUNTED UPGRADE and will be offered the Second Edition PDF at 50% off. We appreciate everyone who has been a part of the community through the years.

The Second Edition will contain many improvements that will elevate the quality of the finished project. The following is a partial list of changes being implemented:

- Full color art throughout the hardcover books and PDFs

- Improved character sheets

- Streamlined game mechanics

- Complete rebalancing of weapons and armor

- Enhanced rules for hit locations, layered armor, shields, and hit randomization

- Overhauled martial arts combat and skill progression

- Reworked spell lists and mechanics

- Graphics to illustrate game concepts

- Rewrites and edits

Fantasy RPG

A high fantasy tabletop RPG is currently in development. The setting will be completely original and immerse players in a rich environment that expands on themes and archetypes already enjoyed by fans of the genre. Characters will make use of realistic weapons, layered armor components, and customizable magic. As a part of the Aetherium Multiverse, all elements of the Fantasy RPG will be compatible with the Halcyon RPG.

Prison Economy Card Game

The studio's first card game release allows players to experience the majesty of prison life. In this kind-spirited, yet irreverent and humorous game, players will play the role of incarcerated inmates who have to hustle, bribe, and shiv their way to cell block supremacy. Will be released under a new label, which will be announced.

Project Initiated: November 2018

Release Date: Winter 2022

Battle Royale Board Game

The studio's board game release takes place within the Federal Prison that exists within the Halcyon setting. Characters will play versus each other and in co-op against a horde of enemies in battles that pit might versus magic in a bid to become a champion.

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