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Neuwerld Studios was established in 2008 in Indianapolis, IN and is currently headquartered in Northeast Ohio. We are a collective of creators that contribute talents across disciplines to create print and digital media for entertainment. Our current focus is on the development of tabletop RPGs, card games, and print media to support the gaming industry.

We are a privately owned company run by individuals who are passionate about serving gamers around the world. Our commitment is to quality, innovation, and helping friends in gaming communities around the world come together and share a good time.


Halcyon_NEW Logo- PNG-01.png

Halcyon is a tabletop RPG that combines elements of sci-fi and fantasy in a futuristic setting centered in a city built from the ashes of New York City.

Aetherium Logo - PNG-01.png

Aetherium Multiverse is the name given to the gaming universe containing Halcyon and related settings. First published in 2008, the concept of Aetherium was introduced as the crystalline material component of the ether that binds dimensions together. The existence of the mysterious Aetherium creates the possibility of travelling across dimensions, as well as unleashing the potential for metakinetic and magical attunement within sentient beings.

Prodigy Systems Logo 2.0-PNG-02.png

The Prodigy System is the proprietary system of game mechanics used in tabletop RPGs published by Neuwerld Studios. Gritty and intuitive, the system has been developed over a decade to deliver a degree of speed, balance, and realism that is scarcely found in the gaming industry. Ten-sided dice are used for randomization.

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