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Cyberpunk and fantasy genres collide in this fast-paced, gritty, and realistic tabletop RPG. The setting is centered in the great city of Halcyon, which was rebuilt from the ruins of New York City following apocalyptic events 100 years in the future. Human citizens and interdimensional beings struggle for survival against tyrannical governments, power-hungry corporations, and independent factions.

Modern weapons, melee weapons, and magic clash in a balanced gaming system where players must think tactically about how to conquer challenges. Players have free rein to construct their characters and determine their fate in system without classes, levels, or boundaries.

Halcyon features the following game features:

  • Includes classic playable races (human, high elf, wood elf, dark elf, dwarf) along with the noble Nephilim and infamous Cambion.

  • Uses the intuitive Prodigy System along with 10-sided dice to keep the action quick and the outcomes realistic.

  • Five distinct realms of magic draw from distinctly different sources. Within each realm are several guilds with varying objectives and demands for their initiates.

  • No two weapons are alike. Each has unique attributes, strengths, and drawbacks.

  • Armor can be layered and provides the ability to both block and reduce damage.

Halcyon explores contemporary trends and presents fictional outcomes in a vast playable landscape:

  • What becomes of a country when its government is hell-bent on control?


  • How will lives be affected as energy and material resources become scarce?


  • What is the result of economic polarization, when there are only the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor?


  • How much can the global economy expand and what happens during an economic ice age?


  • What will come to pass when citizens are unable to find jobs and are desperate to survive?

The setting Halcyon answers the question of, "If every alarming trend in the world is allowed to continue, where will we all be in 100 years?" Plus orcs, dragons, and magic.

Within the Halcyon universe, there is endless opportunity to choose your alliances and set your own course as you explore the vast expanses of a realistic world of the not-too-distant future.

Explore, imagine, and above all, enjoy!


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- Character Record

- Unarmed Combat Record

- Weapons Record

- Gear & Contacts Record

- Magic Record


Allows a Game Master to keep tabs on Initiative and key character attributes.


Allows a Game Master to track NPC stats, equipment, damage, and initiative.


Allows a Game Master to track NPC stats, equipment, damage, and initiative.

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